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Brittany Antonia

Yoga . Meditation . Breathwork

Meet Brittany Antonia

yoga and breathwork instructor

wellness coach

Brittany is a Miami based vinyasa yoga teacher with a passion for yoga, meditation and breathwork. 

As the founder of Balance and Bliss Wellness, Brittany offers yoga classes, workshops, retreats and more! All in person and online.

With a vision to create a global community of yogis who are connected by their love of yoga and wellness, Brittany has created this space to do just that. Her mission is to make yoga accessible to everyone, regardless of location or experience level.

"When life hits you the hardest, it's easy to feel lost and alone. Yoga was there for me when I needed it the most. It brought balance and clarity to my life during a time of chaos and confusion. It taught stillness. It taught me mindfulness. It taught me that life will always present challenges, but we can navigate this journey by staying healthy in our mind, bodies, and spirit.


The eb and flow of life is the beauty of the journey. No day is the same. No day is perfect. So how do we find that balance? Balance is Bliss. Balance is the journey. Join me on this beautiful journey!"

- Brittany Antonia 

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in person and virtual


1:1 Private Yoga 

Enjoy a 60 minute personalized yoga session catered to your specific needs. Meditation and breathwork included.

Individual sessions and packages available. 

(Miami only)

*discovery call required before first session


Virtual Yoga Class

Yoga in your own private space from anywhere in the world. Enjoy this group virtual experience while we connect through the screen! 



Virtual Meditation and Breathwork

Breathwork is an active breathing practice for meditation that fosters a more acute awareness of oneself.

Let's breathe!.


Choice follows awareness! Mindfulness is truly the portal to living in balance! 

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